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                                During a successful career in retail and wholesale,                                   I picked up a paintbrush to refresh a piece of                                          furniture in my home, and began a journey of                                      painting, curating, and refurbishing interesting          individual pieces of furniture, home goods, and accessories. I was in a world of buying and or selling items, things produced en masse – made to be as inexpensive for the company making it, and for the consumer as well. “Fast fashion” – styles that quickly become outdated, disposable and need replacing after a short life. Today I look for vintage pieces to create items that are unique. Yes, the world is full of unwanted old, outdated, worn out or tacky “things”, but like anything that’s been around for a while, it has a richness worth appreciating, and I rediscover items to create special pieces that are refreshed, restyled, renewed and hopefully reloved.
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